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Welcome to the TBH website.  We invite you to look around, or jump right to recent events.

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The Brandon House Story

Brandon House Foundation was born out of the desire to serve others and the ongoing privilege of participating in a series of events, which began to define our work.  Initially just random opportunities to support other missions, Brandon House is now a focused initiative, an Arizona non-profit and Federal 501(c)(3).  Our aim will continue to be supporting other organizations and ministries while begining to cultivate new opportunities and events to serve those in our community.

We invite you to join us on the journey.

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It is all about working together. TheBrandonHouse.Org was born out of one project, one event, one sponsorship at a time, and is now formalizing for even greater impact.  That means we need YOU!  There will be numerous ways to get involved and many opportunities you won't want to miss.

Sign-up and stay-tuned.

Up Next

Recent Events

We invite and encourage you to browse the past and recent events.

Check back often to find new opportunities to attend, support or partner.

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A Brandon House Sponsored

EFP Fundraiser


 Want to sponsor, perform or meet at Brandon House? 

 We love hearing from mission-aligned   organizations, friends & partners. 

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A Brandon House Supported Event

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A Brandon House Production

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Past Projects & Events

Below you will see some of the organizations and events the Brandon House Foundation has been blessed to support.

Stay in touch and check back often. We will continue sharing photo memories and will begin sharing stories of praise and success.
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Stay up-to-date on what is happening, how to get involved, and how to spread the word.

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